Shielding From Unseen Threats

Diamond Disinfecting Solutions is becoming the leader in the marketplace by creating and offering viable solutions for disinfecting needs. Outbreaks are occurring every day. Nearly 100,000 preventable deaths occur every year from Hospital Acquired Infections. One in twenty patients acquire an HAI and add $28 billion per year to health care costs.

We have developed solutions to save lives and reduce medical costs. These solutions are not solely for the medical industry. Infection out breaks can happen anywhere. Schools close from the threat of flu. Cruise ships are redirected to avoid outbreaks. Hotels and restaurants are being shut down to eradicate infections. Professional and Collegiate sports facilities struggle with infections passed from player to player.

It is time to protect ourselves and stop infectious outbreaks through proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques. Diamond Disinfecting Solutions now offers multiple solutions to keep your environment clean. To take control and prevent infections, call today to begin shielding from unseen threats

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