The Diamond Mission

Diamond Disinfecting Solutions’ core mission is to become the leader in industry for innovative disinfecting solutions. We will offer clinically proven disinfecting service programs and products that will protect our customers from unseen micro-organism threats present in every facility today.

About Diamond

Diamond Restorations LLC was founded in 2010. Since then, the company has been committed to delivering unsurpassed service and quality and identifying new technologies and procedures to better service its customers. By actively listening to its customers, competitors, community leaders, and mentors we identified a new and needed opportunity within the cleaning industry. Through strategic analysis, targeting planning and proper talent recruitment, Diamond Restorations LLC has now positioned itself to launch 2 divisions of the company:

  • Diamond Disinfecting Solutions
  • Diamond Construction


Infection Prevention Market Growth

The infection prevention market is growing at a staggering rate and economist have shown the demand will continue to increase. Disinfecting technology is evolving and standard manual cleaning alone is simply not effective any longer. We need to protect ourselves from unseen threats and implement added disinfecting processes above and beyond standard cleaning.

As technology evolves and new innovations enter the market, the structure of the company will allow for easy adaptation of these new innovations and products. Having the proper channels and structure in place will allow for fast implementation into the market, setting ourselves apart from any competition that may arise. We will offer the best technology available to protect our customers and we will also offer the best service in the industry to serve our customers efficiently and effectively.

Outbreaks are occurring every day. Nearly 100,000 PREVENTABLE deaths occur every year from Hospital Acquired Infections. 1 in every 20 patients acquire an HAI, 1.4 Million people globally become seriously ill from these infections. Hospital infections add $28 billion per year to U.S. health care costs. Diamond Disinfecting Solutions has developed solutions to save lives and reduce medical costs and budgets. Our solutions are not just for the medical industry. Infection out breaks are happening every day. Schools are closing weeks at a time from flu outbreaks. Cruise ships are being redirected due to outbreaks. Hotels and restaurants are being shut down to eradicate infections. These issues can be prevented with proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques. Diamond Disinfecting Solutions now offers solutions above and beyond your normal everyday cleaning. We are the one-stop shop for infection prevention. Let Diamond Disinfecting Solutions “Shielding Fom Unseen Treats”.