Diamond Disinfecting Testimonials

“Caro Community Hospital (CCH) began using the UVC product in May of this year. We have been very pleased with the product’s performance and resulting lab microbiology tests that were performed pre-housekeeping, post-housekeeping and subsequent UVC treatment. As a Critical Access Hospital, CCH has a very low hospital-acquired infection rate. Our staff adhere closely to recommended and required guidelines; however, with today’s super bugs, we wanted to make sure we took the extra step to protect our patients by using UVC Cleaning Systems.”
– Marc Augsburger President & CEO

“While working with Diamond I have found Corey Jones and his team to be fair, friendly, professional and willing to go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction. I look forward and expect to contract Diamond for future projects.”
– Melinda Dills, Schatten Properties

“As an eco-friendly enterprise, Diamond is capable of offering an array of services. The company’s success can be attributed to the owner’s integrity, core competence, great attention to detail and the company’s overall demand for quality performance.”
– Derrick Dowell, Associate Director, TMSDC