Mobile Unit

The M20 / M15 Mobile UVC disinfection device is specifically designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use to meet your infection control needs.

Product Description

Transportable – The M20 /M15 have been specifically designed for the institutional environment with 8 medical grade casters to provide stability and to move easily in any direction. Each M20 and M15 is equipped with a simple hook system that allows two units to be moved throughout the facility by a single operator with a minimum of effort. Easy to use: Each UVC Cleaning Systems unit utilizes a proprietary very simple to use 3-button remote control that is universal between all UVC Cleaning Systems devices.

Durable – The M20 and M15 are made of stainless steel and impact resistant thermal plastic, protective cage and Teflon encapsulated UV emitters for the physically demanding health care industry. The handles are designed as crash bars to minimize accidental damage. Devices ship fully assembled (software key shipped separately)

Versatile – The M20/M15 are designed to work with global electrical requirements. Each device also features multilingual labeling which allow for both domestic and international implementation

Wireless Communication – Like all the UVC Cleaning Systems devices, the M20 and M15 feature an integrated wireless link for up to 8 units. The link feature allows UVC Cleaning Systems customers to operate devices simultaneously to deliver a safe, fast and effective treatment in large areas, and diverse environments. Which translates into cost effective and scalable infection control.

Smart – The M20 and M15 automatically determine the correct UVC dosage for a given area by measuring the accumulated UVC during the treatment, thus eliminating human error and the chance of an inadequate UVC dose.

Effective – Studies proven benefits of the 99.993% kill ratio of Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile.

Safe – Multiple dual motion sensing technology creates a safe operating environment by preventing accidental exposure to UVC radiation. UVC Cleaning system has engineered equipment that meets safety certifications for North America, Europe, Central America and parts of Asia.

Affordable – Flexible lease programs that include the warranty and all required service. Treatments as low as $3.00 per application depending on lease program. Lease programs range from 1 year to 5 years.

Product Features

15 UVC emitters on model M-15
18 UVC emitters on model M-20
5 UVC sensors (4 external/1internal)
Emergency shut off switch
4 motion sensors with dual technology
4 protective stainless steel handles and cage
4 LED indicators for proper operation
1 Universal Remote Control (additional available)
Stainless steel hook to transport 2 machines
Power cord station
Treatment tracking
Treatment warning sign
User manual and quick start guide (multi-language)


Height: 60 5/8” (154cm)
Depth: 21 1/8” (53.7cm)
Width: 21 1/32” (53.5 cm)
Weight: 124 LBS (56.2Kg)
High Powered 2340 watts and 1950 watts
M20: 120VAC/ 20A 60Hz
M15: 120VAC/ 15A 60Hz

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