Mobile UV Disinfecting

Mobile UV Disinfecting

VanLeftOutbreaks are happening everyday. Schools are closing, hotels are shutting down, measles outbreaks are occurring at major theme parks, subway systems and public bus lines are being contaminated. It’s time to shield your loved ones, your business and your home from unseen threats. We need to set the new standard of clean and realize manual cleaning procedures just aren’t enough protection any longer. With our new mobile UV service, we can inactivate up to 60 bacteria, viruses and fungi that are unseen on surfaces everyday around us that manual cleaning and chemicals cannot kill.

A trained UV technician will arrive at your business or home with a preset appointment. The technician will properly UV does the areas pre-determined areas that you would like to disinfect. Our mobile vans are equipped with everything needed to safely perform the UV service. Dosing times average about 8-12 minutes per room for a standard 15′ x 15′ room. Our UV services can be customized to accommodate any type of budget. One-time dosing, quarterly, monthly, weekly and dialy dosing schedules are available.

Don’t wait for an outbreak to occur, “Shield from unseen threats today!” Call 615-887-9997 orcontact us for more information.

Program Benefits

  • “Shielding from unseen threats” present all around you that you cannot see with the naked eye
  • Clinically proven to inactivate up to 60 bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air and on surfaces
  • Inactivate: Flu, Ebola, C.diff, MRSA, Staph, E.Coli, Salmonella and many other life threatening micro-organisms
  • 68 times more effective than manual cleaning alone; clinically proven
  • Inactivates air borne pathogens present in the room
  • One-time dosing and regular service plans are available
  • Medically approved UVC machines now brought to your business or home
  • Protection for loved ones going thru chemotherapy or fighting other illnesses
  • Flu outbreak solution for businesses, schools and homes
  • 100% green and safe
  • No harsh Chemicals to breathe
  • Immediate entry into the room after each UVC dose

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